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Choose a CAREER thatís right for YOU.

Matching who you are with what you do seems like a good idea, yet most people are in jobs that donít match their personal style and natural talent.

We can help you to Ö

  • Connect WHO you are with WHAT you love to do
  • Discover the secret to finding the perfect career for you
  • Uncover your strengths and talents so you can make the right choices

Itís important for you to choose a career that reflects the person you are. When you choose a career that matches your natural style you are more productive, happier and less stressed than being in a job that is, ďnot youĒ.

The right job will inspire you, challenge you and reward you. So what can MY CAREER MATCH do for you?

What is the best career for you?

Your Career Profile report affirms your talents and encourages you to choose a career that you really want, not one that someone else thinks you should do.

It also provides you with a wide choice of career opportunities expanding your horizons and introducing careers you may not have considered.

The online assessment only takes 10 minutes to complete. On completion, you receive a report full of information about yourself, including

  • What careers are best for you
  • What your natural gifts and talents are
  • What you care about
  • What qualities you would bring to a job
  • How to choose the career path thatís right for you
  • Information about you to use in your Resume or CV

Career Profile builds confidence and self worth enabling you to present yourself in a positive manner. It is a great tool for students, careers advisers, councillors, parents, teachers and coaches.

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